Birthday party: Bouncy party

As far as birthday parties go from a parent’s perspective, my daughter’s celebration today was a disaster! I planned an outdoor party. Well, planned is too strong of a word, although I had put some thought into it. She requested a “bouncy” party and after I figured out what that meant (she wanted a hippity hop ball for the kids to take turns on), I came up with a few ideas. Mostly, though, we were planning on just having the kids play in the yard with our outside toys, including a lot of balls, a ball pit, bubbles, a couple exercise trampolines, and a sprinkler ball. The Saturday before her party, we had the good fortune to snag a 13-foot trampoline from a neighbor through I was so excited! This was the main event we had been waiting for, and it fit perfectly with the theme. So, at this point, I had high expectations. what could possibly go wrong? Rain! Sigh. We were fortunate that we were able to have kids jump on the trampoline and even play with the sprinkler ball for the first hour or so before it really started to come down. They played with the sprinkler ball and in the pool some (although we found a tear so the water disappeared rather quickly and was replaced by a muddy, grassy soup). So, the kids had a great time anyway!

But it was awkward, kids coming in and out, being wet, and then crowding into our little house. Of course, I was in a panic this morning, realizing that we weren’t going to be able to avoid the rain and I needed to clean my house! As the first guest arrived I realized I didn’t have a single activity planned that we could do inside. I didn’t even have any toys out. Thankfully, the kids were all 5 and under so they were content to just play. Isn’t that what kids want to do anyway? I’m glad they had a good time and I know Avery did. Isn’t that what really matters? She did say that her favorite part was jumping on the trampoline with her friends so I am glad some of it worked out. I guess I can’t say it was a complete disaster, it just wasn’t what I would say is ideal. I should have heeded the rain and rescheduled. Live and learn.

Hot pink and bright green

Pink and green ribbon
Happy birthday plates and napkins with colorful circles from the party store
Green tablecloths and pink plasticware
Bright pink and green cups from Woodmans
Bouncy and regular balls of all shapes and sizes
Ball pit
Exercise and/or large trampoline

Big trampoline (2 minutes per pair)
Exercise trampoline
Ball sprinkler from Target and pool

Raspberry lemonade (it’s bright pink) mixed with one packet of cherry kool-aid
Kix, mini colored marshmallows and pretzel ball mix
Grapes and blueberries
Wacky Mac pasta with peas

In keeping with her request for pink cake, I made white cupcakes (I used Barbie liners, which blended perfectly) with white frosting and enough red food coloring to make them both bright pink. I topped them with pink Nerds. Cute and simple, but tasty!

Goody Bags
I filled pink goody bags with a bouncy ball, ball-shaped chocolates (suprisingly filled with carmel) I found at Woodmans, Tootsie Pops, smash balloons and random candy.


4 thoughts on “Birthday party: Bouncy party

  1. A little off topic perhaps, but a plea for you to think about the ethics of purchasing cheap trampolines. Do try and think about, for example, the materials your product is made with, the human rights of the employees where they’re manufactured and the ethics of the retailer. Oh, and try to repair your trampoline rather than discarding. Thanks!!!!

    • What a stupid comment to your birthday party blog. I think too many people use the internet to give their political opinions when it’s not warranted. Thanks for the birthday party ideas and sorry for the prior post on “green” trampolines. Just stupid.

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