This is seriously messed up …

A foursome in California practices polyamory–the belief that people can love several partners at once with everyone’s blessing. Originally two couples, the wife from one couple became pregnant with the husband from the other when they were temporarily living together. They then bought a house together and recently signed legal documents making them equal guardians of the child. Read more: Four better or four worse for marriage of four

I’m starting to think we do need to legally define traditional marriage. Read more on the implications of allowing a new definition:


One thought on “This is seriously messed up …

  1. Surely their happiness should not affect the way you see or experience your own marriage.

    And as far as I see the situation; regardless of how you would like to legally define “marriage” what they are doing is defining it for themselves…consciously and legally. In their case the important aspect being guardianship of their children.

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