One step closer

On Monday, we submitted our permit applications with the city. As soon as we receive them (could be two to three weeks), we’ll be one step closer to our kitchen remodel! We finally had to give up on the addition we hoped to do at the same time.

We first had to decide whether we would hire a contractor to take care of all the work (pros: fewer decisions for us to make, quicker and less painful process; cons: expensive and we won’t be involved in some of the decisions, which might not be the most cost-effective) or whether we want to be our own general contractor. The project required an aggressive construction loan (and required we have a gc), making it cost-prohibitive. Basically, we could have afforded a mid-range loan, enough money to get the project done without a gc, but the bank won’t give us that money. So, we’re going instead with a home equity line of credit (not nearly enough to finish everything now).

I’m bummed but it means we can move forward without fearing for our financial future! The kids are doing well sharing a room for now and we’ll just have to decide what to do when the time comes to separate them. This may mean moving, so it does impact our remodel some (but not much since we weren’t doing a luxurious design anyway!>.


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