We are proud owners of a dishwasher!

After much hemming and hawing, we did it … we finally bought a dishwasher! 

 Sears had a sale too good to pass up. I had already picked Kenmore’s 1374 and it was again the number one rated best buy by Consumer Reports, so we were pretty confident that’s the one we wanted. It still took two trips to the Sears store and two to the Sears outlet before we finally went online and gave them our money. Not only was the sale 20% off with free (well, rebated) delivery, by buying the thing online, we saved money on gas (we’d already done more than enough driving), and taxes (5.5% instead of 8.5%), plus did you know you could search for online coupon codes? I did a search for “Sears coupon codes” because there was a prompt on several pages. That saved us another $5! Ok, it’s not much but every bit helps. The grand total for a $700 dishwasher? $589.58.

The only better deal was at the outlet store, but they were still $460-550, with major cosmetic damage. We’ll likely buy our refrigerator there since the savings are more substantial and the damage isn’t as noticeable, especially once I cover it up with photos and my kids’ artwork!

Anyway, it was a very exciting purchase for me, even if it doesn’t get delivered until the end of the month (so we don’t have to store it until we’ve at least gotten started on the demolition). I can not wait to get it up and running. Can I leave the dirty dishes I have sitting in my sink until then? Sigh.


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