Summer bands

This is the summer of headbands! I have re-discovered my hatred of the summer humidity here in the Midwest. And with my hair shorter, it seems to even more so be in my face and in general all over the place. What havoc the humidity wrecks on my don’t-want-it-to-be-curly hair. A contact at a pr firm for Goody generously sent me samples of the new Precious Metals and Paisleydelic decorative hair bands so I am excited to be able to change things up and keep it interesting this summer, especially when things are super sticky. I need to liven up the pony tail I’ve been sporting pretty much every day!

Both lines have some fun and adorable headbands, but I don’t as much care for the Whisked Away gold and silver plated barrettes/pony tail holders.

I do especially love the Metallic Flair headband … it stays in place but is not too tight. And they look classicly stylish. The Wildflower headbands similarly balance style with function and are oh-so-cute, but they are just a tad tight for my head. Even though they need minor adjustments during the day, though, I like them. The Thin Metallics fit great and have combs to keep them in place but my hair is a bit thick to be tamed by them. Works with a pony tail though. And even though the thicker bands from both lines are fashionable and colorful, they just aren’t comfortable on my head. I get a headache from them poking my head behind the ears. I gave them to my daughter though, who loves them.

All styles are available exclusively at Target.


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