Who is breaking our mirror?

Last week, my husband woke up before work to find that the sideview mirror of his Grand Am had been broken off. We park in the street in the summer, so things do occassionaly happen. Several years ago, a rock went through my Saturn’s windshield, and not too long ago, Matt’s car was sideswiped by a drunk driver.

I helped him out by taking it in Tuesday to replace the mirror. $124 later, it’s good as new. So, we didn’t think too much about it. BUT, now, it happened again this morning. It was fine at 10pm when we came home last night (It was a beautiful evening so we went to Ribfest in Lake in the Hills, and Sonic Flood was playing. We had a fun time!) This is just too weird to be a coincidence. Twice in about a week when it’s never happened before? I don’t think so. But who would do such a thing? I am frustrated and hurt. Matt is livid. What can we do?

[Edited to add 7/14: Actually, there is more to the story. We live right next to a bike trail, and there is a bridge over the street where it crosses. Young hooligans as we call ’em like to throw tree branches and rocks and other things over the bridge at cars driving through (and parked in the street). We’ve called the cops on them in the past, as have our other neighbors, but not recently. We also this winter built a snowman in the yard who was decapitated one day and a few days later stomped on.]


One thought on “Who is breaking our mirror?

  1. Hi Sara,
    Just read this and wanted to let you know that our mirror on our Grand Am has done this before, too. Terry just slightly bumped it with the garbage can while rolling it out the the curb and it fell right off. Maybe someone accidentally ran into it with their bike or something?

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