Thursday 13: Wedding memories

Happy 9th anniversary, honey!

1. Mid July. In Iowa. What were we thinking?!?!? Thankfully, the day before and after were miserable weather-wise, but our wedding day had clear skies and little humidity.
2. I wore the wrong color lipstick. Any time I wore any (which wasn’t much), it was a berry color. For some reason I put more of a red on and it looks orange-y in the pictures. Yuck. Sadly, applying the lipstick and thinking it was okay at the time is one of my most vivid memories.
3. My husband almost left me at the alter … sort of. There was a “Bible check” during the message a friend of Matt’s gave, a flashback to his days at a Christian boys’ camp where you were always to bring your Bible. Of course, he didn’t have one with him but his friends from camp sitting in the pews did. My face, I am sure, was hilarious. I was in shock that he was actually going to leave (but he only took a step before he turned back around).
4. My then 2-year-old nephew cried when he didn’t catch the garter!
5. I tied maroon ribbons onto ev-er-y-thing!
6. My favorite part of my ensamble was the shoes. They were satin mary janes with a bit of a heel. So cute. Just a tad tight, but it was worth it (not that anybody ever really saw them under my dress).
7. For some reason, I was the only one left at the hairdressers so I panicked about not being able to get a ride to the church.
8. Once all dolled up and ready to go in my dress, I ate a Subway sandwich with a garbage bag draped around me. Oh-so lovely.
9. I didn’t get nearly enough photos of me my girls. I guess we took too long in the dressing room. But we have a ton of pictures of Matt with his friends in their tuxes.
10. There wasn’t air conditioning in the basement of the church so people left rather quickly after the wedding. We were disappointed not to be able to talk to everyone. Serves us right for not having a dance and cash bar. Ha!
11. The cake was AWEsome, although the only bite we got to eat was when we cut the cake. (And a year and a half later when we got the cake top. Yeah, not so awesome.)
12. When we got “clinked” into kissing at the lunch, Matt took an another bite and took his time chewing before he kissed me … just for a laugh. Of course, I rolled my eyes.
13. I was perfectly prepared to walk down the aisle with emotions in check … until the double doors were opened and I saw Matt standing there waiting for me. The first look everyone got at the bride was me a blubbering mess! At least nobody had a chance to notice the lipstick!
[Edited to add 7/17:
13b. How could I forget! We wanted rice thrown at the wedding, but no that was bad for the birds said our pastor. How ’bout bird seed, then, that’s good for birds. No, that will get stuck in cracks and cause weeds to grow. Okaaaaay. So, we “chose” bubbles. But Matt’s sister had other things in mind! She smuggled some rice (or was it bird seed?), which she and her husband threw at us as we came out of the church. Quite a surprise, considering the gentle nature of floating bubbles! But we had quite a laugh about that one.]


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