We were rejected

I’m crushed. Devastated. Mad as all get out. What the heck-shooting-dern-dang-every-slang-word-that’s-not-quite-a-cuss-word do you mean “rejected?” I’ve been rejected but never did it hurt like this one.

Harris Bank rejected our request for a loan because the house was appraised really low. The kicker is that it was rejected yesterday but they never even bothered to call. Thank goodness we didn’t buy that refrigerator we looked at last night. We had been waiting to hear from the appraiser to talk about work that has been done on the house (two remodeled bathrooms, plus a new roof) but apparently he did an unannounced drive-by or something just based on paperwork without an ounce of care for anything but the value of houses sold recently in the neighborhood. They know darn well nothing is selling right now!

This is the final straw for Harris Bank which messed up our account a few months ago causing months of headaches and “lack of funds” fees for Matt.

As for the kitchen, who knows. We’re going to have to do something, so we’re moving forward, but I’m guessing Monday is NOT our start date. We’ll be doing the work as much as we can ourselves so it will be an even longer, more painful process than it was before. Sigh.

This on TOP of the fact that I missed the gall-darn Menards sale on the kitchen cabinets we wanted. I had been checking every flyer that came in the mail for the past month or two in anticipation. I even went to the web site last week, but there has not been one word about the Schrock sale. So, I finally called today to find out when it starts. The two-week sale ended Sunday. Sunday? Sunday. Sunday! ARG. I knew it was coming, and I still missed it. How is that even possible without Divine intervention? Needless to say, I am in a pretty foul mood. OK. There you have it. Or, to be more accurate, there you don’t.

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