Special order, not-so-special delay

After many hours of researching just the right window, I finally placed an order for a twin double hung American Craftsman window at Home Depot today. I hate to special order things, it makes me very nervous. But, I am excited for it to come in and be installed. That will certainly be a major change in the kitchen!

There was a bit of a mix-up because I had already selected in-stock windows. I was going to purchase this week two separate double-hung windows to hang side by side. I only found out on Wednesday that what we needed was this Twin type window, which I didn’t even know existed (even for all my research online). Because it is a special order, the big box stores don’t have it on their web sites (does this even make sense?). So, we have to delay the installation, obviously. But we hope the person we had scheduled to install will be able to work on plumbing for us next week instead.

The good news is that I just HAPPENED to notice as I walked in to the Home Depot a sign listing specials. “10% off Windows Am Crafts” caught my eye! So, I mentioned it, and while it was a mistake (leftovers from a previous sale), they honored the price for me. So, total for a special order American Craftman 3002 series Twin Equal Double Hung in the standard size 51.5″ w x 40 3/4″ h with clear view Lo-e glass single strength, no tint and no grille: $347.02. Installation will be about twice that, but I am just glad we are not the ones cutting a huge hole in the wall!


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