Plumbing problems?

Today we, and by that I mean my husband, finished removing the sink from the kitchen (no sink, yikes!) so that our plumber could come in tomorrow. We ran into a couple snafus in the process. We realized our request, and therefore the estimate, didn’t include proper venting required by the city. We’re remaining positive that he’ll be able to move forward and still finish before the weekend. But we also discovered some 2x4s from behind the sink and some of the floor boards that are water damaged. Most of it shouldn’t be too difficult to take care of but … we’ll have to wait and see. We know these kinds of things are inevitable when you start tearing down walls so we aren’t rattled. Yet.

[Edited 8/15 to add: He’s coming today! We approved the plumber’s revised estimate last night and, thankfully, it wasn’t much more. Also, we have a friend from church, a building contractor, coming by today or tomorrow to look at our framing dilemma.]


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