Thursday 13: Survive without a kitchen

I was inspired by a friend who stopped by yesterday and saw the complete “nakedness” of our kitchen, to address how we can survive without a fully functioning kitchen.

1. Get invited to your friends’ houses for dinner. My personal favorite!
2. Eat out. Fun, but expensive, so we use this sparingly.
3. Make meals ahead. I need to do this more often, even when our kitchen is in full use. It was great to be able to pop the lasagna I pre-made in the oven, and voila, a home-cooked, “real” meal!
4. Grill out. It’s still beautiful weather so we can do a lot of dishes on the grill.
5. Electric skillet. We got one of these for our wedding, and I used it a lot for Hamburger Helper back before I knew how to cook and when I was still working. I haven’t used in a while, but it’ll come in handy when my range is disconnected.
6. Electric griddle. I love my griddle! I can make pancakes and grilled sandwiches, etc., in a snap.
7. Crockpot. It’s not quite the right season for a lot of my favorite one-pot dishes, but it will give us more variety when we tire of the other options (and fall is quickly approaching!).
8. Sandwiches. We can get creative with specialty breads, meats, cheeses and lettuce, for a more interesting cold dinner.
9. Microwave. Not my favorite option, but there are frozen meals and “fast” foods like hot dogs that can be made in the microwave in a pinch.
10. Paper plates and plastic bins! The hardest part is not having a sink. Despite the use of paper plates, though, there’s still a lot of dirty dishes. I bought a couple big tubs with the intention of using them to wash. But, for now, I’ve been using them to transport the dirty dishes to friends’ homes with working kitchen sinks!
11. Diaper boxes. I used diaper boxes to empty my kitchen drawers and stacked them in the office so I can still somewhat easily access everything.
12. Picnic snack. Make a meal of popcorn or crackers and cheese, carrot sticks and fruit. Camp out on the living room floor while watching the Olympics!
13. Get lots of sleep so you aren’t crabby when you can’t find what you are looking for and have to go in and out of the kitchen, through the plastic-covered doorway, five times in a row!


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