It just keeps getting better!

We received a maddening letter in the mail from Harris Bank, which continues to humor us with its stupidity. It starts off:

Whether you’re adding a room, remodeling the kitchen or fixing the roof, why not let the equity in your home pay for improvements in your home? A home equity loan is the smart way to pay for home improvements, repairs or remodeling.

For a limited time, you can secure up to $25,000 with a 5-year Harris Home Equity Loan!

Really?!?!? How fantastic! Yet, it was IMPOSSIBLE to get that same amount of money one month ago (to this very day!) for the very same projects they list. You’d think they’d at least have the financial where-with-all to save the postage and paper by not sending letters to those they’ve rejected for loans in the past six months, let alone one. Apparently, instead we are “Preferred Customers” who have the opportunity to “enhance our home and potentially increase its overall value!” but only until September 12, 2008. Because at Harris, “We believe in going beyond just thanking you for your business–we believe in giving you more value for your money.” Too bad I don’t believe it.

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3 thoughts on “It just keeps getting better!

  1. Not surprising – Harris is becoming less and less responsive to customers and is increasing fees too. I got several letters this year decribing the increased fees. I closed my account and many of my neighbors have too. There are better banks than Harris

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