More choices

While the kids and I were visiting my parents and my sister in Minnesota this week through Saturday, Matt took down the plaster ceiling. It was a DIRTY job. Too bad Mike Rowe wasn’t there to help him. He was completely covered in black when we got home. Unfortunately, so was everything else in the kitchen and it was tracked into the other rooms. I’m not cleaning too much though because more work will be done this week before I have to clean for Charlie’s birthday party on Saturday (yeah, crazy, I know). We are also still investigating what level of repair we need to do on the damaged boards underneath and behind where the old sink was. We are hearing both sides: support and hide it and don’t worry or jack up the house and do it right. Obviously, the latter would be much more expensive. Sigh.

I also found more cabinet options I am looking into. There are several links to Amish country, which might mean a higher quality product with a less expensive price tag, so I am told. However, this is compared to higher end cabinets so it is likely still out of our price range, but I thought it would be worth a look.

Burress Furniture, 847-697-9790
Crosscut Cabinetry, 815-444-8959
Amish Cabinet Company, 847-844-7991
Amish Custom Kitchens
Authentic Amish in Arthur IL


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