Roughing it

It was a long weekend and we are all tired and cranky. But, the electrical is roughed out, thanks to Matt and his dad. Matt’s parents were here for the long weekend and it was great to have them here. It was good father-son time in the kitchen, and grandma gave me a break from the kids.

We decided on a fan light for the center of the island and several cans around the edge of the counters. We have no lights in the kitchen now, or in the nearby bathroom, but the fridge and stove still have power. And I am thankful to have power back to the computer! Though it feels like camping every time I have to take the flashlight to get water from the bathroom. As soon as we figure out what we are doing with the dry rot situation (we’re still waiting for help to come check it out, seems we’ve been playing phone tag all week). Once that’s figured out, we’ll be able to have inspection and get power back again. I spent quite a bit of time Labor Day burning lathe and ceiling tiles. It was hot, hot, hot!


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