Switch-o change-o

So, with the help of a friend who owns a truck, we acquired a twin-size mattress, frame and headboard from a couple that is downsizing. We gave the mattresses to Charlie, and Avery got the frame and headboard so she can finally be off the floor. They were both ECSTATIC. Charlie loves the new cars and trucks sheets we got him, and Avery was having a blast putting her babies in the shelves of the headboard.

All this required a lot of moving around because, well, it just did. Both kids were switching sides of the room. Anyway, I did all this while Matt was at an Indy car race (with pit passes, cool!) in Joliet. The room was a total disaster with books from the bookshelf–which had to be moved to make space–in the middle of the room, the two twin beds, plus Charlie’s toddler bed strewn about. I was getting frustrated so I thew my hands in the air and declared, “I give up!” and took the kids downstairs. While the kids were playing, I snuck back upstairs to try to work it out again. I ended up putting the toddler bed in the hallway, still in one piece, and went to work on getting the bed frame and headboard assembled and piecing the room back together. I thought I might have an easier time if Avery wasn’t hovering over me with her arms crossed: “I’m wai-aiting!” and Charlie wasn’t pulling out every toy that had more than 10 pieces. I was right.

So, when I finishing up more than an hour later, Avery came to her room (and Matt had been home like 5 minutes). She exclaimed, “Daddy got it together! Yay!” So, I corrected her. She said, “Then who helped you? But who?” Sigh. I had to explain that after a break, I was able to go back and do it. I was just getting frustrated. If only that would be what she remembers and not that I gave up! I’ll have to be a little less dramatic next time. A little.

Anyway, she was full of pure joy having her new bed. She was literally dancing (not jumping, of course!) for about 5 minutes on the bed when it was all done. She was quite organized with her babies, too. I think this girl would faint of happiness if I ever took her to the Container Store!

[Edited 9/9 to add: Avery said this morning in a sing-song voice: “I love my new bed! Because Charlie can’t mess up my babies when I have a high bed!”]


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