Mr Wood, the carpenter

We finally took care of the carpentry conundrum. The dry rot that had taken over the back corner where the sink used to be seemed to get worse every time we as much as looked at it! So, after many games of phone tag, we had Steve Wood, a local carpenter recommended by a friend, come take care of it. He was quick! He was cutting wood within 5 minutes of his arrival, and he sawed and glued and pounded away, finishing in less than 3 hours. It doesn’t look pretty, but it’s rock solid. We are relieved to have taken care of it properly, so we never have to think of it again! We hope now that we can make some real progress as the past couple weeks have been rather discouraging. The cost of our peace of mind? $400.

Before After

And after Matt finished the sub-floor, covering the whole thing up … for good:


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