Lights out

I guess I am a little behind on my kitchen remodel updates. There’s not much to report. Shortly after we finished the electrical, we discovered that we weren’t going to pass code. Apparently, the city and state are much stricter than the national code, which is what we were working from (yes, we should have known better). We are obviously discouraged by this news, considering the time and expense (though minimal in comparison) we Matt and his dad spent getting it roughed out. The bad news in all this is that it has taken us since Labor Day to get quotes and figure out where to go from here. The even worse news is that those quotes were above $3,000. Just a teeny weeny bit above our budget of $500. Thankfully, there is good news, too. Our new best family friend Shawn quoted about 1/3 of that. Something worth waiting for. But, we will have to wait. We still don’t know when he’ll be able to do the work. Originally, it looked like it might be this week, but now … not so much. In the meantime, it is getting darker earlier every night as we head into fall and I am having a more difficult time making meals and, especially, cleaning up afterward. To make matters even more comical, we lost control of the power to the fan/light in our front living room. We do have a lamp but it doesn’t provide as much light. So, it feels like we are basically in the dark here! We also are limited what we can do while we wait so that is frustrating, as progress is slow. Matt is about half done with the firestop (something tedious I wasn’t even aware had to be done until just a few weeks ago) and is planning to replace some of the necessary subfloor tomorrow. We’ve also done some scraping and sanding of the doors/windows we are keeping, so there is still work to do!

[Edited 10/4 to add: Matt was able to fix the light in the living room today so we have some normalcy back!]


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