Tackle it Tuesday: Promote your party

Ok, I have two tackles today, both related to the fast-approaching November election. Motivated by my sister who also picked up political signs this week (and the presidential debate tonight), I finally made the effort to find out where I could pick up McCain-Palin yard signs. I had searched online but they were rather expensive, and you just know the money is going to some opportunistic entrepreneur and not the campaign I want to support. You can find a headquarters near you, too, by searching Google for “Republican or Democratic party YOUR county.” There’s a Republican headquarters in McHenry County on Hwy 14 in Crystal Lake. You can’t miss it (Actually, you can. I nearly missed it twice before I noticed the building covered in banners and signs.)! You can pick up yard signs and literature for presidential candidates as well as for your local elections. Free-will donations are optional. I took my kids with me after lunch, and they had a blast playing with the red-white-blue tassels decorating the tables. Plus they handed out candy. Easy!


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