One of those days

I just have to say, I had one of those days with my four-year-old daughter yesterday. No, not one of THOSE days, yikes, we have a lot of them, too. One of those delightful days that are sadly far and few between so it’s worthy enough to blog about. We walked to the library and it was a beautiful, cool day for a walk. My son Charlie walked almost the entire way, mostly running actually, so I know he was having a great time using up some of his energy. When he was ready to ride, Avery gave up her seat in the front of the double stroller so her little brother could sit there, before he even asked (usually there is a battle for the front seat). At the library, Avery told Charlie to push the button that opens the front door (she usually will announce halfway to the library that, of course, it is HER turn). Then, she asked to do computer games (I loathe that our trips to the library have turned into computer time), so I suggested we do some puzzles and read books instead. She said, “okay, mom” just like I’ve dreamed about. Then, while doing puzzles, she was handing puzzles to Charlie and helping him with the harder ones (not taking over like she often would). It was delightful! After lunch, she actually slept during nap time, another rarity. And in the evening, she was sweet and cuddly, hanging out in my lap for some one-on-one time before supper. Sigh. Now those are the days.


One thought on “One of those days

  1. That is an amazingly great day for a 4 year old – bravo! Most parents don’t get to experience it first hand, but have to wait until their friends have their kids and can relate the story to them (since kids often show those things you are working at when NOT in the presence of the parent who taught them) — again congratulations!

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