1-year blogiversary!

Today marks the one year anniversary of my very first blog post! So, unless you want to hear about my new hair cut or the fact that I went to the dr yesterday, finally, to get a prescription for the eczema that’s been plaguing my fingers, I’ll stick to the more traditional and review some of my favorite posts from the past year. Considering I had 264 posts in the past year, I think I was able to narrow it down to “just a few” …

My first post: 10/10/2007
Where are you?

Anger Management
Example of handling anger Biblically
You’re fired!
Don’t waste your life
Control Freak

Every mom needs a dishwasher
A mommy uniform

Craniosynostosis: My son’s story
Outside the box

Who finds their way into your dreams?
Tantrums about mittens and flip flops
I don’t like you
The circle of life
Tackle it Tuesday: Too many toys!

Wordless Wednesday
Little helpers
Uh, I got dirty
Little patriot
I don’ wanna Awana
Little red dress


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