Birthday party: Cars

Since Charlie’s birthday, I have been meaning to post his party from last year, too. So, I am finally gettin’ to it. I let Avery pick the theme and she selected Cars. No surprise since that was the big hit (and still is). It was her second choice for her party that year. Ka-Chow!

Red, bright Dinoco blue

Red plates and napkins
Cars cake plates and cups for the kids
Black table cover (with yellow construction paper lane dividers taped to it)
Red balloons
Route 66 signs and green Radiator Springs road sign
Stoplight: I covered a shoe box with a brown paper bag and glued red, green and yellow circles on it (outlined in black marker) and hung it over the center of the patio to represent the lone stop light in the center of Radiator Springs.

Hamburgers/hot dogs
Fruit mix
Blue raspberry Kool-aid mixed with generic Sprite for “Dinoco punch” (I filled a 5 gallon Gatorade jug and taped to it the Dinoco punch sign I made on the computer)
Cars fruit snacks
Chocolate honeycombs
Stacked Oreos (for Luigi’s Casa Del Tires)
Veggie tray

I had fun with his cakes. And they turned out oh-so-cute! I baked several bread loaf cakes (not filling them too full so they wouldn’t be tall) and trimmed them with an electric knife to mimic the cars characters. I also made a mini loaf McQueen for my son’s personal cake. For the two little guys, I cut one cake in half (part if it actually fell apart which is why I even decided to do that). I used chocolate and white frosting (do all white windows first), as well as dyed vanilla frosting, depending on the colors needed for each car. If I were to do it again, I would make more white windows, the front windshield got a little tight when I started taking it over with the body color. For each of the eyes, I used a black gel writer with a bit of white frosting applied with a toothpick on top of the eye color.

McQueen was the toughest because he required a lot of red. He ended up a very salmon-y dark pink, but it was the best I could do. His headlights were 1/4 piece of yellow Starburst, and of course, Oreos for his sporty wheels. Sally’s headlights were white Smarties. For Doc, I used only half of an Oreo (taking one cookie side off) and attempted to use pretzels for his grille. Something else might work better. He had yellow Smarties for headlights. Luigi had Junior Mints I think for wheels since he was smaller. I printed an Italian flag on the computer and taped it to a toothpick just for fun. He also had yellow Smarties for headlights. Mater had one Smarties headlight, of course, and chocolate Honeycombs for wheels.

Cars books and toys
Ramone’s House of Body Art Cars tattoos for kids of all ages!
Pin the eyes on McQueen: I hand drew a picture of McQueen on a roll of extra-large paper, which was a banner at Avery’s birthday the year before, and made blue eyes with my scrapbooking supplies. Using reusable glue (I used ZIG 2-Way Glue), we were able to have the kids take turns pinning the eyes on, without messing with tape or pins.

Goody bags
I bought goody bags at the party store, and filled them with Cars stickers, wheel Yo-yos, bubbles and random candy, and who knows what else. This is a detail I don’t remember!


6 thoughts on “Birthday party: Cars

  1. omg! ur such a creative person! i love all ur ideas. i am throwing my son’s 2nd birthday this saturday and i might just take some of ur ideas. Thanks so much!

  2. Thanks, Kathy! I had a lot of fun with this party. Charlie chose Transformers this year and I am so sad that I am not going to be able to do as much creatively as usual (I even–gasp!–bought a banner). Life has just gotten too busy. But it will be a good time anyway. :)

  3. My son chooses his birthday last year and it was the cars theme. Very easy to be creative with that. Very fun to. Now this year for his fourth birthday he wants the king from cars theme. No one makes the king party supplies and while I can go nutty with the dinoco blue kind of limits me. Any ideas

  4. Since The King is a race car, I’d play up the race track theme (along with Dinoco blue, definitely). I did Hot Wheels the year after Cars so I had a similar dilemma. Thankfully, I hadn’t done much of the race track with Cars. Pit stops, Piston cup, etc. I made checkered flag toothpicks to put in the food and made red, green and yellow flags for a game. You can use my Dinoco sign for punch, from Cars.

    See also:

    Does that give you some ideas? Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help.

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