A note about “change”

Barrack Obama’s campaign is all about “Change.” First of all, I’d love for someone who lives in Illinois to name something Obama has changed in Illinois for the better. Hmmm … Anyone? Anyone? There was no proposal to lower taxes, which he promised. And education is a MESS. He squandered the $110,000,000 million on who knows what for education via the Annenberg Challenge and has zero to show for it.

My mom reminds me that no one person can screw America up that bad (we are stronger than that). But then I think, this time, this guy is just radical enough that he just might unravel the little moral fabric that is left of our country. Change that he’s capable of (think Jeremiah White, William Ayers, ACORN, born-alive infants, not pledging the flag, education in Illinois) is exactly what scares me. Obama aside, I think we’ve had quite enough change over the years as it is, thankyouverymuch. From Roe v Wade and taking prayer out of schools to “equal” rights and “tolerance” … if anything, we need to go backwards. “Progress” seems to be what’s gotten us where we are today–no thanks.

Don’t get me wrong, I am proud to be American. And I am not going to apologize for being part of the most powerful nation on earth.  I am thankful to live here and have the freedoms and opportunities that we have here in America. That’s what it’s about, not money. We don’t need handouts or mandates that allows the government to decide what’s best for us. If we do, it’s because we’ve been relying on them too long already and have been conditioned that way. We’re not stupid, we know what’s best for ourselves and our families.

But what can you do? I guess vote for John McCain, put America first, and pray for the best!


4 thoughts on “A note about “change”

  1. You said exactly what I’ve been thinking for so long. I completely and totally agree! McCain is definitely getting my vote. Don’t get me wrong there are issues with both candidates because no is perfect but I’d trust him more. Thanks for your thoughts. :)

  2. Whoa Sara! I may agree with you that Obama doesn’t represent change to me; however this guilt by association thing (Ayers and Wright) is out of control. Should either of us run for office..we’d have a lot to worry about as well. We’ve both been members of churches where we’ve disagreed with our pastors. (I know I’ve been embarrased by some bizzarly anti-homosexual rants my pastors have been on) We both have a friend who was labeled as a “terrorist.” We also have a friend who “stalked” Obama in a campaign. Let’s face it, we have some associations on the far-right fringe who do not have any bearing on our political views or our character. While I’m proud of the company I keep, they do not necessarily reflect who I am politically. We ought to cut Obama some slack on this.

  3. LOL Good point … good thing we aren’t running for president! I notice you don’t mention anything about pledging the flag, his “Christian” views and traditional family values.

    Granted, those aren’t prereqs for a great president, but they do give me pause when it comes to decisions that will be made for our country. Let me add, I by no means believe Obama is evil or the anti-Christ or anything like that.

    Politicians are politicians. Everyone’s just trying to make themselves look good and fill their pocketbooks. The main reason I wrote this is that I am just tired of everyone saying how GREAT Obama is when I don’t think so much so. I don’t think McCain is the knight in shining armor that will save the world either, but I do believe his core values and ethics are more in line with mine (and he’s a POW survivor, how can everyone not love that?). And he loves his country. Isn’t that what we should be voting for, what’s BEST for America? To me, that means thinking about those things even if they don’t seem to apply. So … that’s that.

  4. I agree and think your comments are right on. We are a strong enough country to outlast either as Pres., sometimes wecgive the President to much credit or blame. Congress passes the laws, not the President and we mustremember the third
    section of our goverment the Judges. Our founding fathers did a good job.


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