Let there be light!

We have lights in the kitchen! “Hallelujah.
I have to say, it was beautiful. I was standing alone in the kitchen when the electrician turned on the power, and, voila! lights came on. It brought tears to my eyes. Seriously. Even though it cost us three times as much as the first time we did this, I was twice as excited.

The best part was, we got all our winterizing done, including cleaning up the garage (which is still full of junk from the remodel but at least you can walk around in there now, and we made $5.37 bringing scrap metal to the recycling center), while someone else did the work. It was one day of work with two guys, an electrician-friend of Shawn’s, who was unable to do the work for us.

They had to install a new box to accommodate all the new dedicated switches we needed. They used up all 8! The refrigerator, above the range microwave and dishwasher/disposal all required their own, plus the stove which needed two, not to mention the can lights, a fan/light, the outlets and an outside light. Because it’s only roughed out for inspection, we have power to just the circuit with 6 can lights right now, but it is an amazing amount of light considering we’ve been in the dark for 56 days. And before that, the kitchen only had one can light and one dome light anyway. We also have light in our bathroom again now, woot!

We also now moved the stove to its new location which will take some getting used to, but it’s exciting … all part of the “reconstruction” instead of destruction, which it feels like all we’ve been doing.

Anyway, we are both sighing relief and are ready to move forward. That is, of course, if we pass inspection next week (if you are a God-fearing friend, please pray for us on this!). One bonus was they left for us a can of fire-stop foam so we were able to finish the fire-stop sealing, which we had only been able to do half of with our can of caulk. So … we *should* be ready.

Cost to be able to see in the dark again: $1,631.

And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. Genesis 1:3


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