Cabinets are ordered!

Cabinets are ordered! We finally settled on the company we have gone back and forth with quite a bit, as their price was right and the customer service has been excellent. Tom and Elise from TCN Cabinets really have their act together. Their go-to custom cabinet line is Custom Cupboards. We are going with a Shaker style #7000, 42″ high painted antique white (technically “cotton”) cabinet with a slightly rounded edge. It’s MDF (saving us 10%), which is the only thing that makes me a tad nervous. But, it’ll actually hold up a bit better than wood, and it’s painted so it’s not like you can really tell. “I’m, like, 98% excited, and maybe 2% scared. Or maybe it’s backwards. Maybe I’m 98% scared, and, like, 2% excited. But that’s what makes it so great—I’m so confused! (Oscar in Armageddon)” Either way, I am excited that we finally reached this milestone. The owner of the company will be coming by in the next day or two to double-check measurements and re-check details, then we are set. We had to pay about half the bill so we are feeling quite a bit poorer right now. But we also feel good about our decision so far. It’s hard not to be excited at this point!

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26


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