Phew …

We had inspectors come by today to evaluate mechanical, electrical, plumbing and framing. They were gruff at first and barely said a word so they made me nervous. Of course the first thing they said was something they didn’t like right away, but then that was about it. A few “field corrections” but we can move forward with insulation and they’ll check it again at the next one. I felt a bit like they hardly looked at everything and kept asking “What about this?” and “What about that?” Since the plans don’t show a new subpanel, the electrical inspector didn’t even go downstairs until I prompted him. Anyway, it was then that the other inspector started with small chat. He poked his head in the bathroom, which made me really nervous because we know it’s not up to code and it’s still not quite completely finished, but all he said was, “Oh this is a bathroom?!? There’s just enough room to get in there and scratch your nose!” Then he asked questions about how and when the house was built. He was really nice. Anyway, we are thankful to have passed and glad to be able to insulate. It’s getting cold fast and you can really feel a difference between the kitchen and dining room.

What we do have to change is use stud shoes instead of stud guards where the plumbing cuts through the 2x4s and in one part of the framing of the new window. He also mentioned that we need R30 in the ceiling instead of R19, which makes me glad that we bought it yesterday (on sale!) or we would have used the wrong kind.


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