A cozy blanket

We finished hanging insulation in the kitchen this weekend, having worked most of Saturday and Sunday just the two of us. It was a bit of an art and my husband doesn’t do “art” so I took the reigns on this one. It was fun to finally get a little dirty and be able to get involved in the work, especially since we could see progress fast. It’s nice to have walls again. They may be brown paper backing walls, but they are walls. It helps clean the place up.

The insulation is like a cozy blanket for the house, and we could tell the difference right away. And not a minute too soon. We had swowflakes yesterday!

Of course, we underestimated the amount of insulation we would need so Matt had a couple trips to Menards. And the switch to R30 for the ceiling made that twice as expensive! We better reap the benefits in our heating bill. Phew. Anyway, the price for potential warmth this winter? $233.23

We are also very excited to have passed both inspections! Well, we passed electrical and mechanical the first time around. But the inspector came again today to check insulation/fire stop, which we passed, and approved our field corrections for the framing, which Shawn came by yesterday to take care of for us. The past couple weeks have been fun with progress giving us hope that the project will indeed be done in our lifetime! Thanks to my friends who were praying for us as we jumped some big hurdles the past two weeks. And we have some generous friends who are going to be helping put up drywall this coming weekend. I can hardly believe it! Yea!


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