Walls, walls, walls!

The kitchen looks beautiful! What a sigh of relief. I am amazed at the generosity of our friends, with the leadership of our good friend Matt (not my husband obviously, a friend whose name is the same as his) who helped organized a group of 6 guys to hang drywall on Saturday. I had no idea how much they would get done (you know how it is!), but they were awfully close to getting it completely finished. There is just one 4’x8′ piece to hang, as well as one tricky one that involves cutting the plumbing, and just a few space fillers at the bottom (the walls are just a few inches over 8 feet). I’ll post more pics when it’s completely done.

I am SO thankful at their willingness to take time out of a busy or lazy Saturday with family, whether they had a wedding to attend that afternoon, canceled plans to take their kids to the zoo or had been working late all week and had every right to take the day off. So, thank you, Matt, Mike, Joe, Gene, Kevin and Jason (who was the first to arrive and the last to leave)! We greatly appreciate it.

I had the good fortune to get out of the house with the kids and have a lazy Saturday myself. It was best that way, as the little bit that I was at home, I was tense and trying to get involved in the guys’ decision. They didn’t seem to appreciate my input. lol

Now is my chance though: clean up. I did do a bit today but since there’s still some drywall to hang this week, I am saving the heavy duty cleaning for later (not at all surprising).

Also this week, it’ll be my task to decide countertop and wall color so that we can paint without worries (no new floor or cabinets in the way)!


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