Tackle it Tuesday: Vote!

Why I’m voting for McCain today:

He easily surpasses Barack Obama in wisdom, values, character, experience, judgment, truth-telling, and his positions on most of the issues. Hands down. Plus:

He believes in America.

He’s a Patriot, unlike Obama.

He’s a veteran who served his country and a prisoner of war who cared more about his comrades’ safety than his own comfort (and he didn’t use his dad’s influence to get out of it).

He knows about war, security and defense, how to protect this country and how to move toward peace. Leaders around the world will listen to him because they know he knows his stuff.

He’s a man of character and traditional family values.

He votes with ethics, not flip-flopping on the issues.

He’s tough as nails on restraining government spending and blowing up earmarks.

He can bring together democrats and republicans.

Finally, Obama just scares me. He’s just too risky for me, and I don’t like to take those kinds of risks.


2 thoughts on “Tackle it Tuesday: Vote!

  1. I agree.
    It bothers me that this man was/had a father that was a muslim. What do you think that his father taught him. They hate America. To me this was part of a plan to wreck a Americans way of life.

  2. All very good points. Despite his loss last night, his concession speech was poignant, gracious, and delivered with dignity. All traits that make McCain truly a notable figure in American histoy. He loves America. And it shined through last night. And he damn well ran a good camapign as any person could have, this election. Tip my hat to him.

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