Can’t decide: Yellow or red?

I’m going color crazy! I love the idea of a warm, inviting, bright, yellow kitchen. But I am excited about a fun, dramatic, bold, red kitchen too. The downside to yellow is that the previous kitchen had yellow and white striped wallpaper and yellow/tan/gold counters with a hint of green. It all seemed so dated. So, my preconceived notions of a yellow kitchen scare me into thinking I might not like a yellow kitchen. I’m also not sold on the combination of white cabinets, yellow walls and gray countertop that seem so popular. Not sure what else to do with the counters if we paint yellow? The downside to red is that it isn’t seller-friendly if we end up moving in a couple years and it may be too dark since we don’t have as many windows as we’d like (but we do have lots of lights, white cabinets and extra-wide trim around the doors and windows to break it up). The red also doesn’t coordinate as well with the purple dining room (yikes!) and orange bathroom on either side. But it does coordinate with the counter I pre-selected (though I am not set on it). I have my color-connoisseur Michelle coming by, I hope, on Wednesday to help me make a decision. I trust her so we’ll see what she has to say.


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