Ok. How ’bout this?

So, I decided that while the first countertop in my previous post is, by far, my favorite. It is just too pretty for my farmhouse-style house. So, I went back and took a look at some other options for the yellow. I am still holding out for red, but Matt is not as excited as I am about it, and I am having trouble finding a countertop that works. Here’s what we have now for the yellows:




This doesn’t rule out the red though:



2 thoughts on “Ok. How ’bout this?

  1. of the 3 yellow variations, I would say that the middle countertop is too brown. I like the first and 3rd ones. The first is striking with black, and that seems really good. I like the 3rd countertop, but the paint looks more muted. Although that might be good, hard to say how bright you want yellow walls. It might be good to compare some swatches against full walls (somewhere).

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