And the winner is …


LG Hi-Macs’ Mocha Granite G74 and Benjamin Moore Chestertown Buff HC-9 (a historical color)

I’m still in love with the idea of red, but can’t convince Matt. So, yellow it is! I think it’s “safer” anyway, just in case we do end up moving in a couple years. And it will be the warm, inviting, bright kitchen I was envisioning when we started this project. I just got sidetracked by the dramatic, gorgeous reds I was looking at. Besides, we already have red in our upstairs bathroom.

As for the countertop, I’m 85% sure at this point. TCN has ordered larger samples to give me a better idea of what the hi-mac will look like.

The more I look at it, it looks the best with the cabinets (paint color can be changed after all). My primary concern for the paint choice is that there are gold flakes in the countertop that tend toward tan, not yellow. Good contrast otherwise and I don’t know how to describe it, but the tone just goes with it. Although it’s the darkest (though not really black, it might seem that way on screen), it’s actually more of a true brown than the middle one. The white cabinets have a lot of gray (making them warm) and the other countertops are more gray (making them cool) instead of brown … and it just seems to work. They are all great, I think. I’ve gotten a lot of different opinions, so even though I don’t agree with all of them it helped me to solidify my choice (the one I found myself defending)!


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