We made it!

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving week full of driving:
Monday: 6 hours to Minneapolis
Wednesday: 3 hours to northern Minnesota
Friday: 4 hours to Rochester MN
Saturday: 3.5 hours to Iowa
Sunday: 6 hours to … home!
I have to applaud the kids, who made the entire trip without a portable DVD player! It can be done, folks.

And lots of firsts:
The Mason family’s first Thanksgiving at Camp Shamineau (we’re hoping to meet there every other year).
It was also the first time most of the family had met Charlie since he had his surgery over Thanksgiving two years ago.
The family had a hay ride pulled by horses, not a tractor.
Avery and Charlie both rode horses, all on their own. (Avery was so excited she ran almost the whole way back just to ask if she could ride the horse.)
Avery and I both tried rock climbing.
I made it to the top of the “rock” (on the easy course, of course) on the first try.
I also got to try a zip line (Avery said it was “too scary for me. Maybe when I am bigger.” But several other kids tried it).
We celebrated the first Christmas of the year, opening gifts with grandma and grandpa.
Matt’s grandma in Iowa celebrated her 90th birthday with the Barton side of the family!


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