(Not so) Wordless Wednesday: First horseback ride




While we were at Camp Shamineau for Thanksgiving, we were outside at the ropes course when cousin Tricia brought a couple horses to the site. Avery was excited to see them and we had fun petting them. Eventually, Avery had to go to the bathroom so we walked back to our lodge. On the way, Avery asked in a rather whiny voice: “But, when are we going to RIDE the horses?!?!?” I was a bit surprised because she hadn’t been that adventurous during our stay, and there hadn’t been any talk about riding horses. So, I said we could hurry back and ask if we could sit on a horse or something. We’d figure something out … After going to the bathroom, she ran almost the entire way back. (Although she stopped not too far into it saying “it’s tooooo farrrrrr,” I held her hand for a while and we jogged together. Then when we got more than halfway, she blasted ahead the rest of the way.) Anyway, while we were gone, two of her cousins had gotten on, so she was able to get a turn for a nice walk on a loop past the lake. She did great! She wasn’t scared and she seemed to enjoy it, although she was quite reserved.

On the way back to the lodge after the exciting adventure, we had a fun conversation about animals.
Mom: That was so much fun, wasn’t it? Avery loves horses.
Uncle Kent: I love horses, too.
Avery: (with lots of excitement) And kitties!
Uncle Kent: But they are difficult to ride.
Avery: But you can carry them! That’s fun.
She went on to talk about frogs and how they jump out of your hand, and named lots of other animals she would like for a pet: guinea pig, hamster, a bunny. But not a snake, unless maybe it’s a “nice” one!

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