Thursday 13: Thankful Thanksgiving

OK, it’s a week late but I didn’t have internet access while we were traveling so I’m posting my Thanksgiving Thankful list today:
1. A fun-filled Thanksgiving at Camp Shamineau, where I got to have new experiences, including rock climbing and the zip line, as well as play floor hockey with the family. So fun!
2. I also got to see my sister on the trip, although only for a few hours it felt so great just to talk for a bit.
3. We are making great progress on the kitchen remodel, and getting closer to finished every day! I am so glad that we are even doing this project.
4. Because of the kitchen remodel, our house is a bit warmer this winter. I’m so thankful for insulation!
5. I am also excited about one of my Christmas gifts: new boots! They are warm and cute, making playing in the snow with the kids a bit more comfortable (now for some snow pants!).
6. My kids are healthy and happy.
7. Avery is doing well in pre-school, becoming more bold in speaking with the teachers. And she LOVES it.
8. Charlie is learning new things every day and just melts my heart.
9. Matt has a job and things are going well.
10. And despite the economic downturn, we are doing fine, affected but not taking it hard.
11. I’m thankful for days I can sleep in. Mmmm….sleep.
12. I finally got some cream that actually helps the eczema on my hands. So even though they are still super-dry, they don’t hurt!
13. I have awesome friends who make me laugh and cry and all-around love life. Thank you!
PLUS: My Christmas letter is done and I’ve completed most of my shopping so I’m already well on my way to a less stressful Christmas season!

Avery would like to add:
1. Snow.
2. A healthy body.
3. Playing with my brother.
4. Mommy and daddy.
5. Books.

If Charlie could understand this exercise, I’m fairly certain he’d have one item on his list:
1. Cars!


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