Feeling the power

We have a new kitchen floor! While not flawless, it’s be-a-utiful! Matt took Monday and Tuesday off this week so we could get it done BEFORE THE CABINETS ARE DELIVERED ON FRIDAY! Whoo-hoo! We purchased the flooring from Flooring Discount Warehouse on Friday (and it needed a few days to “acclimate,” it was a painful process for me!). All the people we spoke with at the store were very helpful and kind, and I would definitely recommend them. We selected Mullican St. Andrews Natural Oak.

I noticed a list of specials on the web site the day before and there was an outdated (but not dated) and mis-listed sale on “Mullican Highlands Series St. Andrews” which was supposed to be “Highlands” but not “St. Andrews.” At any rate, they honored it so we saved $.20/square foot. Worked out to about $40, which means we got the underlayment “free.” We also will be able to return one of the 9 boxes we purchases since we were, if I may say so myself, efficient and not particularly picky about the pieces we chose. The kids were pretty cooperative, although especially toward the end they wanted to be in the kitchen with us and weren’t listening to instruction very well. It didn’t help that they weren’t able to nap with all the noise. We had to rent a pneumatic flooring nailer from Home Depot, which added another $100 to our cost, but still quite a bit of savings from hiring an installer. There was some confusion at first because we didn’t realize we’d have to rent an air compressor separately. Thankfully, we were able to borrow one from a friend/neighbor for two days. Thanks, Dave! We also borrowed a miter saw from our friend Gene. I was feeling the power with every opportunity to cut the end pieces!

Matt and I made a good team once we got into a groove. It’s good to know that we CAN work together. I laid out the pieces, cutting them to fit if necessary. Then tightened them with the tapping block and pull bar. Matt wielded the pneumatic nailer and drilled/hammered any as necessary. Note: It is very difficult to nail into maple! Our original flooring that we put the new floor on top of was maple and when the nails would hit, they’d bend. So, Matt had to drill first. It took us a few hours to get the first board in with that whole mess. Thankfully, it got much easier. However, we are both very, very, very, very sore. We’re getting too old for this.

A pretty new floor to replace the old ugly one (hard wood, plus nails, underlayment, small tool purchases and tool rental): $969.62





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