Thursday 13: Who’s that again?

1. He comes at Christmas.
2. He can be at your house and your grandma’s house in the same night.
3. He controls the weather and is a friend to animals.
4. He’s often depicted as a white-bearded man with a twinkle in his eye.
5. He’s the “spirit of Christmas.”
6. He loves little children, and asks them to come to him.
7. Children love him and line up just to see him.
8. He asks us to be on our best behavior, obedient.
9. He showers us with gifts.
10. Adults may be criticized for believing in him.
11. Many consider him to be make-believe.
12. Yet, belief in him brings miracles to earth.
13. He resides in a place that could be described as the opposite of a fiery hell.

In case you wondered, I was referring to Jesus Christ, not Santa Claus. Don’t replace God with Santa this Christmas! We have fun at our house at Christmas, but my kids barely know who Santa Claus is. When we see a depiction of Father Christmas, my two-year-old son says “God!”

Just a few weeks ago we got out the holiday decorations, and my daughter Avery asked about the stockings. I told her about Santa Claus and how some people celebrate Christmas by putting puts toys in there. She got all excited, saying “Can I do that?!?!” I wasn’t sure what to say until she started to talk about putting Charlie’s cars inside. For the next hour or so, she and her little brother filled the stockings with cars and dumped them out, having a great time. So, I don’t think you have to ban Santa, but keep things in perspective so that you don’t lose your children’s faith and trust. There is no reason kids won’t have fun at Christmas without the extra emphasis on jolly old St. Nick. One writer for Regular Folks United said it well: Don’t lie to your kids this Christmas

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12 thoughts on “Thursday 13: Who’s that again?

  1. We’re a no-Santa family, but that doesn’t mean that it’s wrong to pretend. My oldest has started to wonder.

    In any case, thanks for the reminder, and the emphasis on Christ!

    Happy TT!

  2. Hi, I completely agree with this! As kids my sister and I were raised to believe in Santa Clause, but if I have kids, I’m not going that route. We never really celebrated Christmas for it’s true meaning, (besides the talk mom would have with us each year.) It was always about Santa and presents. I did a TT too, it’s here: Cheers!

  3. I don’t think the entertaining children with myths about Santa Claus does any harm. I believed in him for some years, but as I grew older rationality stepped in and I realized it was just a rather pleasant little story and nothing more. And I came to the same conclusion about Jesus.

  4. I’m so pumped to see so many people who agree who commented. That really lifts my spirits, thanks! Nicholas, you’ve proven my point exactly. For those who are “tricked” into believing there is a Santa Claus by their loved ones (often with a lot of pomp), it is easier to blow of Jesus later in life. Both are about believing and not seeing and there are so many similarities. So, if one’s not true, why believe the other?

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