Cabinets are up!




Minus a few doors (we had some issues with warping so we are looking into weather we need extra hinges or new doors etc), the cabinets are hung, including the island … with doors. We just have a few tricky toe-kicks and some moulding to install. I didn’t want to go too crazy, but I did put some things in our pantry (*inserted excited squeal here*). That also means I can order countertops. Time to make a decision … AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHHHHHHHH! Unless our cabinet company can come up with a better price on it’s high-end solid surface from Staron, Coffee Bean from it’s Tempest line, we’re planning to go with a nice moderately priced solid surface from Formica (who knew?) in Chicory Mosaic. Lowe’s has an excellent sale going on now, with a color upgrade and a free sink. So, while I’d like to order by Friday, it probably have to wait until “next year.” I suppose I can wait a few days longer.


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