Countertops are ordered!

I was so nervous I was practically shaking, but the countertops are ordered, so it’s done, done, done! I made it before the New Year! That I am thankful for. I feel like I have no idea what they are going to look like … The good news is, I don’t think it’s going to matter too much. It’s only because I was IN LOVE with another color (way out of our league) that I was unsure about the Chicory Mosaic from Formica Solid Surface. And I can’t complain because we did get a great deal. Not only did Heartland match and beat the Lowe’s quote by $100, including a $450 integral sink and a backsplash, but they had four edges to choose from versus Lowe’s one, AND if you pay in full up front, they take off another 5%. Also, because they have the counter in stock at their warehouse, it should be only about two weeks instead of 3 (although the holiday delays things some). A technician is coming on Monday to “template” the countertops to be sure we have exact measurements for everything. It’s going to be wonderful to have horizontal surfaces again. Yay!

Our super duper deal (after initial quote of $3,286)? $2,397


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