My prayer for 2009

Dear Lord,

I pray this year would be one of spiritual growth. I pray that through this year, Your desires would become my desires. That I would stop fighting for control of my life and finally give it up to you. When things don’t go how I desire or expect, I tend to be all doom and gloom. Instead, let me see the good in life and in every situation, look to you for guidance and thankfulness for what we do have. Especially when it comes to my kids. I try to be the “perfect” mom, and I am constantly failing. It’s very stressful trying to be perfect. I know I can take that burden and give it to you to carry. Show me how to do that this year.

And make it obvious, Lord, what barriers I have put up in my life that make it more difficult for me to see You and to rely on you every day, as a mom, a wife, a friend and a Christian. And give me the strength to tear them down.

I pray for a hunger to know You and reflect You by becoming more like Jesus Christ. And in that, I pray for opportunities to share and show my kids (and others) about You. Help me to think creatively to take every day examples of living with a relationship with You and seeing our world with a Biblical perspective so that You are not a stranger to them and Your ways are not strange to them. Give us patience and wisdom as we train them up in the way that they should go. You know we need it!

In Jesus’ Name,


2 thoughts on “My prayer for 2009

  1. What a great prayer! It’s exactly what I’ve been praying for. It’s amazing how I’m not alone in feeling as I fall short all the time in so many areas. Thanks for helping me to see that I don’t need to be perfect and that I’m not alone! Grace to you, Denise

  2. Sara, What a great post. I’m just catching up on your blog here and adding it to my list of must-reads. Thanks for connecting motherhood so effortlessly with faith. I look forward to more posts!

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