Counters are templated

img_3227vThe tech from Heartland came by today to measure and template the counters (he had a very 90s-era Tom Cruise-esque look to him). He also kindly offered a few suggestions (some of which my husband didn’t appreciate, although he did add that he thought that Matt had done an excellent job hanging the cabinets) for the cabinets, hardware and trim. It was nice, considering they didn’t have any stake in those things. It was an interesting process, using an electronic templating device. He used stickers and ceramic? plates with coding on them to measure the space and then took pictures with a special camera. I didn’t ask too many questions so I don’t fully understand, but the kids and I were fully entertained. He seemed confident that the counters would be ready to install before our estimated January 19 date. I hope so!


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