Wordless Wednesday: Ice skating




On New Years’ Eve, I took the kids ice skating with some friends at the Crystal Ice House. It was the first time, and what did I forget? My camera! Thankfully, our other friends were not so thoughtless and they took lots of pictures for me. They also were very helpful. I knew it would be a challenge to take TWO kids ice skating when I hadn’t been skating in a decade myself. After getting over the initial discomfort (and exchanging skates for a size up), Avery had a blast! Charlie was quickly a natural (as much as a two-year-old can be anyway). We see hockey in his future! About 45 minutes and he was “done” though. Avery overcame her fear of being with anyone but me just so that she could go around the rink a few more times. We’ll have to bring dad along next time!


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