Quiet time

I attended a baby shower of sorts for a good friend this weekend. It’s her third baby and he was born the day after Christmas, but we wanted to celebrate with her in some way. The host asked me to give a short devotional and/or prayer. I can’t say no, Erica’s like a sister to me. But no matter how nervous I was about speaking in front of everyone, I was determined not to “prepare” something. The night before we had our couple’s weekly Bible study and part of our discussion centered on allowing God to live through you, instead of trying, on our own, even if its effort to serve in ministry or be like Jesus. A simple but profound distinction.

So, the next morning even though I was in a rush to get there on time, I knew if God was going to speak through me, I’d better get my nose in the Word! I read the simple passage from Job about God bringing quiet into our lives. Quiet! Be still! Ok, yeah, yeah. I get it. I closed my Bible and headed out the door. As I was driving to the brunch, I began thinking about my friend and her baby and my favorite time with my little ones: nursing in the middle of the night, rocking my baby and looking down on their sweet little faces. There’s nothing more tumultuous than a new baby in a family, but in that moment, everything seems just right. Then it hit me. Ohh … THAT’s what God wants with us. For us to look up in His face in the storm and allow everything else around to quiet. Precious time with our sweet Father. Bonding.

So, I had something God gave me to share. Short and sweet.

“Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10


One thought on “Quiet time

  1. Sara,
    Thanks for this beautiful thought. I shared it this morning with a guest we had at our chapel, a nursing Mom. I keep picturing the way my children used to look at me in love and contentness and how we should behold HIM in that same manner. Press on, sister!

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