The Beauty of Color

packagingWhite. Black. Brown. Yellow. Red. Not exactly colors of the rainbow, but there’s beauty in the diversity of women all over the world. But what makes them different also brings them together: color. Thevi Cosmetics‘ sleek, modern line of cosmetics in rich and vibrant shades is just one new line that celebrates the unity of color. “Color is influenced by lifestyle, fashion, home décor, tradition, every aspect of our lives,” explained founder Thevaki Thambirajah. “We have an opportunity to emphasize not a trend but an everyday expression of self, femininity and powerfulness in a dramatic way for every woman, through color cosmetics.”

Thevi launched last year, targeting the “new ethnic” woman, light-dark skinned women of Asian, South Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean decent. One of Thambirajah’s goals was to provide sophisticated, educated, affluent women a prestige makeup brand with high-end packaging. The sleek, modern line celebrates color in rich and vibrant shades. Inspiration came from her own life as a first generation American who grew up in a multi-ethnic culture and is adapting those color traditions into everyday looks.

Although she plans to introduce the Thevi line to retail stores this year, Thambirajah is relying on a grassroots marketing campaign to build a following first. Her future goal is to partner with retailers who understand the ethnic market, where ethnic shopping is higher. But it will take time. “Retailers are not confident and it is a risky venture especially in this economic climate,” explained Thambirajah. “I won’t succeed unless I have a loyal customer base that identifies with the message.” In the meantime, she is looking for other opportunities for consumers to test and try the products and build awareness until they are available at retail. Read more in the December issue of Global Cosmetic Industry magazine: Ethnic Cosmetics Fit New Beauty Paradigm.


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