Wordless Wednesday: What is this?

img_3344I was about to throw this out the other day and I thought maybe I could give it a try once more to find out what in the world this kitchen utensil is? I inherited it with several other when cleaning out someone’s kitchen drawers. I never knew what it was, and I’ve never used it! So, if you have a clue, please let me know! It’s driving me cRaZy!


5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: What is this?

  1. This is not a kitchen tool at all! It is called a Husband Keepinliner and is used to keep your husband in line. If he forgets to take out the trash, simply pick up the Keepinliner and chuck it at his head. He may leave you, but he will never forget to take out the trash again!

    J/K! Happy WW!

  2. Although this appears to keeps husbands in line, from this angle it in fact appears to be an old-fashioned can opener or one that’s missing the wingnut thingy (very technical, I know); or is it a garlic press? I need to see more angles on it!

  3. At first glance I thought it was a can opener. But now I don’t know. You should take pictures at different angles or if possible do a video and move it around… I like the first idea thought, LOL!

  4. Ah-HA! It is a garlic press. One of my friends on fb identified it. I took a look online to confirm and upon closer inspection, I can see where the strainer piece is broken off, cleanly, but I can see where it was attached. Good, I can finally throw it away without thinking it was something useful!

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