Thursday 13: What I learned in HS

13 things I learned through high school, although I may not have realized it until years later:

1. Make friends instead of waiting for them to happen. And make friends with those who need them most.

2. And for goodness sakes, don’t listen to the negative things other people say about you (or that you think they are saying), but believe and appreciate the good stuff! Otherwise, you might miss out on something exciting you didn’t know about yourself.

3. Don’t wait to tell people you care about them, and care about the people you are with (or you’ll have to rely on facebook years later to do some mending).

4. Choose your words carefully. Saying “We did everything but hold hands” means something completely different to innocent ol’ me than it does *everybody* else!

5. Just because kids are hanging out in a parking lot, does not mean they are up to no good.

6. If you are head over heals for a guy, don’t date his brother! Seems obvious, I know.

7. Do not drink water from a beer can at a party you shouldn’t be at anyway. Seriously.

8. If you do get into trouble, don’t hang up on your dad in the middle of the night when you call to tell him you are at the police station. (Ok, well, sadly, this one worked for me, so it probably shouldn’t be on the list. Sorry, dad.)

9. If you do a trust game and promise your friend to catch the fruit before it smacks you in the face, you better catch it! (I was on the receiving end of an orange in the nose!)

10. Forget the movies, lightening storms and stargazing make the most romantic dates.

11. Take lots of pictures because even the best memories fade.

12. I am THIN. It only goes downhill from here. Enjoy who you are now.

13: God is watching over you, protecting you from the world and keeping you on His path, even when you would never know it.


2 thoughts on “Thursday 13: What I learned in HS

  1. Sounds like your HS days were a little more ‘interesting’ than mine! I never had to call home from the police station. :) These are all very good bits of advice. Very very good.

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