Just for fun

I think this is a record, 8 days without posting!! Eep. Between keeping up with facebook, working p/t for Capstone Consulting and creating posters and flyers for church, life has gotten rather busy. Oh yeah, and raising two kids to boot. So, for fun, I’m posting the graphic design projects that have kept me glued to the computer, but distracting me from blogging!

For the next Springbrook Church‘s women’s event, which started out as a Hawaiian Cruise Night:


But then evolved into simply Hawaiian Night (featuring lessons from a real hula dancer!), requiring a redesign:


We’re also launching a gardening class for which we needed posters and flyers this week (notice it features a similar style to the scrapped Hawaiian Cruise poster):


I also had two new upcoming series at church for which to create graphics. The Jonah series also required a re-do when it was renamed Big Fish, from God Wants You. The latter featured a nostalgic twist on the Uncle Sam army posters, which just would not do with the rename. I didn’t save that one since I didn’t care for it anyway (this is the cover for the CD series box):


And for Easter:


Phew! We should be set for at least a few days now … Good thing this is fun!


3 thoughts on “Just for fun

  1. You’re very talented at graphic art. I wouldn’t call myself “AWESOME” after all i’m only 12. But check out my site and you can see the header thing that I made! Thanks

  2. I love seeing your work, Sara. You are very talented. It all looks great.
    I’m a bit skeptical on how gardening could “save time” though, so let me know when you find out…

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