I’m a runner

I’m a runner. Yeah, that’s right. You know how I know? I went running on Saturday (and Sunday and today and, I hope, many more times through this summer). But not only that … I was literally jumping for joy as I came down the home stretch that first day back hitting the pavement. I could barely contain myself. I never feel as bad and good at the same time as when I re-establish my identity as a runner after a long hiatus. For me, running is not just a physical exercise, it’s a mental and spiritual exercise as well. There’s nothing like spring to help me feel renewed in so many ways. Between the warmer temperatures, getting some exercise and working in the yard again, I feel like a totally new person. Glory!


One thought on “I’m a runner

  1. Great enthusiasm! I think that your comments that you had run hit a jealous chord with me, and I finally got out there yesterday and today (2 day streak, yeah!) It does feel good to be active.

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