Day 1: Potty training

We are coming off the worst week of sickness in the history of the Mason family. No one was spared in this horrific series of colds/fever/cough and, yes, even some throw-up. Avery is still lethargic today and I have the ever-lasting headache. Thank you, Debbie for the delicious soup last night! Nevertheless, the stress of WAITING for the day to start potty training, because I am dreading it so much, was just too much for me to take. I figured we are housebound still anyway, so I might as well try it. We’ve already spent a few days training one of my daughter’s Dora dolls to pee on the potty (my son really got a kick out of this) and she finally earned her present for filling up her potty chart.

Now, I’m starting the 3 Day Potty Training method by Lora Jensen. So far, I have not been nearly as attentive as I am supposed to be. However, progress is being made. Several weeks ago, I started just putting underwear on him hoping that Charlie would be upset about wetting himself. He decidedly was not. BUT, today he has come to me every time he has had an accident if I missed it (more often than not). And, best of all, he stayed dry during his entire nap, came down crying and peed just before and during the time I had him on the potty. That is considered success! We celebrated with “MM Guy” (M&Ms, which at one time came in the little container shaped like an M&M Guy; he used to call them “Yummy Ms.”), which he specifically requested. Of course, he also got his first present (a Hot Wheels car) and a sticker on his potty chart.

It’s been a steady stream of candy, juice and pop all day, as I reward him any time I ask and he is dry. The hard part is that he is asking for more candy every few minutes. Otherwise, it seems to be working … Now, if I can just get him to actually pee in the potty without making a mess at the same time … :)

In other news, we were reading a princess book together this morning when Charlie pointed at Cinderella and said, “Mommy!” Of course, I accepted the compliment politely. Then he went on to say, “You a princess!” I think he was buttering me up for a day full of candy!

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