Day 2: Potty training

I was frustrated before the day began so I had a feeling today wouldn’t feel as successful as yesterday. I decided to try a slightly different approach, to reward Charlie for going, not for being dry since he did have a successful experience yesterday. So, there was less candy. Phew.

But, he peed constantly, hitting both rugs downstairs, and he had one delightful runny poo that dripped everywhere as I tried to hurry him to the potty. He did, however, pee into the potty three times. YAY! Unfortunately, he screamed and cried the entire time. Each time, I spent about 10 minutes consoling him in my lap afterward, before I could begin the rewards process, which included bigger pieces of candy he hand picked, as well as the biggest, most interesting stickers I could find in Avery’s sticker book, since they were new to him (and by then he would have big smiles and be really proud). Before he went to bed, we were able to talk about it and I think it’s that he doesn’t like the little potty chair (I had the same issues with my daughter). He said it hurt his butt. I was using it only because it was the closest, since he was usually in process of peeing when I’d have him on the chair yesterday. But today I would set him on the chair while changing into dry underwear when he’d pee just a little, and then he would pee for real. So, I think he’s getting the hang of it, and tomorrow we’ll set him on the big potty (with an insert) to see if that takes care of that problem.

He also progressed to letting me know when he had already peed. And during supper, he got up and told me he had to pee, doing a potty dance, although he begged me not to put him on the potty.

At nap time he stayed dry in his bed again so I am ecstatic about that. And while I had to change sheets once overnight, it was when I went to bed so I didn’t have to get up to do it in the middle of the night.

Tomorrow, I’ll just keep on keeping on and hope that he gets it. We seem to be making progress!

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5 thoughts on “Day 2: Potty training

  1. Is he ready for the “drive the bus” technique? It works well for boys, although not always when they are first training. Sit them on the toilet facing the seat cover. They won’t be flying all over the place this way. They do have to be able to straddle the seat, though and Charlie may be too small for this now.

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