Day 3: Potty training

Okay, day 3 was a nightmare. I was at the end of my rope. For two days, I was positive and cheerful, no matter what. I. just. couldn’t. do. it. again. Thankfully, it was Saturday, so my husband was able to step in while I “checked out” for a bit, so to speak. So, the 3-day plan definitely did not work for us. The good news is that Charlie continues to make some progress, he’s peeing less often and he’s letting me know when he goes or when he has to go. He bad news is he doesn’t want to sit on the potty. Since I don’t force him, he still has accidents.

I’ve decided to continue keeping on. I’ve been told by more than one person to take a break, maybe he’s not ready. But I feel that will do more harm that good. He’ll find that throwing fits “works” and we’ll both dread trying again so it’s likely to be worse the second time. Today, day 6 technically, he has asked to sit on the potty calmly a few times. But he’s “all done” before he’s done anything and soon after has accidents. But, he did poop in the potty today, so that was VERY exciting! One step backward … one step forward!

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